Create amazing sketch notes in 5 mins

With RapidSketch you have access to templates, hand-drawn icons, and fonts, which make creating a sketch-note super easy and fast.

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Save all your Sketchnotes in one place. Share them however you like.

Why RapidSketch?

Shockingly fast to create

Sketchnoting is time-consuming. Rapidsketch has a collection of handwritten fonts available along with templates to make sketch noting faster. Change the text by changing its color, background, and stroke, with a few clicks. That's not all we offer though.


Capture notes the way you want to

Read an awesome article or listened to a podcast and want to create takeaway notes? With RapidSketch, you can capture your thoughts quickly and effortlessly. Choose from available hand-drawn icons on common topics that just work.

Love Emojis? We have more than 3500!

Emojis make our messages fun, and they have become a part of the language we speak. It was about time they get some footage on our notes too. Use emojis powered by Openmoji with your notes to up your sketch note game.


How it works

Let's see it in action

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